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我对四川地震的感想 My impressions of the Sichuan earthquake

时间:2016-11-05 03:08:47 来源:中国英语作文网

The passage of time bit by bit,every minute,have a lot of the people of disaster areas due to the doctors and rescue officers and men of insufficient resources,and faced with the risk of death.The Internet,the latest news and pictures and video continuously came,of which a video,What I can not forget:the first video screen,is one of the buildings have collapsed,this place was once a beautiful campus.Collapsed in a pile of rubble,an immature in the eyes of Xiaolian.It was a level of about 12 girls.After a day of the burial,the little girl's face due to excessive hunger and the lack of oxygen,the original Hongrun Xiaolian has become a black and yellow of the yellow.In her face,vaguely Kuguo the Leihen can see,there are the touch of despair.The little girl's mouth is still one of a,but in the video but did not hear her voice,presumably little girl buried in the rubble cried out at once,for help and my voice has changed a dud.To see this little girl,my heart is very mixed feelings.Sichuan's major earthquake,resulting in tens of thousands of people under siege in the ruins.They and the little girl,in the rubble of the reactor can not help themselves,if not timely rescue of their officers and men,these people's lives will be at risk,by the death of oppression.At that time,only heard a while shouting:"Anyone here!"A group of officers and men from running,moved to the implementation of the rescue work.The little girl's face suddenly filled with joy,Jiao Zhe shouted:"Come and save me!"Officers and men of a Di Xiatou,the little girl said:"girl,we are to save you.Do not speech,a good Daizhuo,patience And so on us!"The little girl did not listen to the speech,Yan Baba to see the officers and men.As the little girl in the rubble layer,if the use of some rescue equipment,could collapse again ruins of the crisis little girl's life.Can not be used machinery,the officers and men on the tube into a circle,hand-to Paozhao Paxia to rubble.At this time is 1:00,the rescue of these officers and men have a number of locations collapsed,can not long ago tired of.However,as long as their lax one second,then trapped under the ruins of the people may face the risk of death!In order to the affected people,their plight,tired,simply nothing.Officers and men is Bingzhuo"as early as possible into more than one second to save a"belief,uninterrupted rescue the affected people.At that time,little girls around the rubble was finally finished cleaning up the officers and men,girls were successfully rescued by.

Sichuan 7.8 earthquake alerted the world,the fate of the people of disaster areas also affect the 1.3 billion Chinese people's heart.4 Chuan Wenchuan earthquake,the China Seismological Bureau has launched a plan.12 by the China Seismological Bureau,a unit of the Beijing Military Region,150 and the Armed Police Corps General Hospital 22-member national earthquake disaster emergency rescue teams have rushed to the disaster areas Wenchuan,is responsible for search,rescue and medical tasks.China's Air Force today dispatched 22 military transport planes to the earthquake-stricken area in Sichuan air more than 6,000 paratroopers and four command vehicles,the implementation of Mianzhu,County,in north-earthquake relief mission.Ministry of Civil Affairs has allocated 25,000 emergency relief tents support Sichuan disaster areas and other relief supplies are being mobilized in transport.And the community,many enterprises in China Red Cross Society of China,Sichuan is also assistance.(www.yingyuzuowen.cn)

The face of disaster,unity is strength.When the 1.3 billion Chinese people side by side,Shou Wanshou,Xin Lianxin time,any difficulties are temporary,and that any disaster can be overcome!