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It is autumn.The sky is clem and cloudless.The summer heat is gone.The autumn wind brings us cool.At once the version comes to my mind,"Autumn is rich with fruit and grain."Actually I see pomegranates red and round on the stall in the market and the pcars big,yellow and juicy.My mouth waters for them.The grains have been harvested,the rice,wheat and corn.


The laurel trees give off fragrance.The perfume makes its way stralght into my nose.The brlght red canna are standing behind rows of tall plane trees.I am waiting for their leaves to turn yellow.Then l can trample on the fallen leaves on both sides of the ground.


At times the autumn rain keeps falling silandy on the trees and flowers and the ground.It washes everything clean.When the sun comes out,the droplets shine bright on the yellow leaves.


What a beautiful painting!Autumn is the season for harvest no pains,no gains.I must study hard so that I can have a big harvest in all my subjects.



Do not know how long the effect,as if the fight was a nervous gradually revealing the known,the field from its broad chest in long plume from the atmosphere on the slopes and there is water ongenerally spread at the Qingming,round trees and crops have begun to sway in the breeze,the leaves become calm and.Dew back in the early morning and evening wetting the ridge,quietly put up the field.Lu Lan also came upquietly afloat,no longer go back to the valley.Although the sun is still bright,but the pain is no longer the backbone of Sunburn people become,Kiyosumi,as if it was weak,and can not be distilled into a field,it is the field of reconciliation and the like;......Autumn is here!


It's September.Autumn is coming.But where is autumn?I am told that the sky looks higher with few clouds in autumn.I raise my head and look at the sky.It makes no difference with the sky in summer.And trees around are still green.Then I come to the fields.I find the corn in the ear.Apple trees nearby are fruiting well.The harvest season is coming.I jumped with joy.This is autumn.I found it!



Last autumn we took a trip to Qianshan by bus.It is about thirty miles from the city.We planned to put up in a hotel there in order to watch the sun rise the next morning.


As soon as we got there,we began to climb up the mountains.How great the sight is!We felt as if we had entered amother world full of beauty,peaeefulness and loveliness.There are hundreds of mountains,one after another.there are magnificent cliffs,one above another.We climbed up vigorously and breathed the fresh air greedily.As the sun was going down,we descended to a little hotel at the foot of the hill,where we had a big dinner,and then went to bed early so as to regain the energy ior the expedition next morning.


Before daybreak,we reached the peak of the highest mountain after a hard groping and climbing in the dark.Unaware of the cold wind,we stood motionlessly,with our eyes fixing at the hr end of the east.Suddenly thin ravs of red hue spread across the sky.As the redness deepened,some mysterious clouds moved across thc sky,piding heaven from the earth.Just at this moment,up from the brightening far east rose the sun.It was so red and yet so tender that we could gaze at it with naked eyes.and a slight applause from us.the amazed spectators,rang through the peak.Up,up it rose,adding to itself strength and glory at every step.It dazzled with vigour,driving away darkness,cold,and misery from the earth,and bring light,warmth,and happiness to men.


We were completely amazed at the wonder and the greatness of nature.We jumped and shouted like innocent children and we bathed in the first rays of the sun with the peak till it was time for our return.