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  the presence of students, ladies and teachers, everyone! i was prepared intervals of cloud today, in honor here entitled "technology and future" speech, i am very proud of both, but some unease. in recent years, we have seen our great motherland, the cause of the rapid development of technology, which allow me to a chinese i feel very proud. remember that long ago, cell phone use almost the only one, which is called, but a few years ago, cell phones has undergone great changes, not only look more beautiful, but also use more, you can use the phones to take pictures, meetings, internet, text messages, etc. a series of things that i their life more convenient, so i am more aware of the strength of the technology, but i am just a fledglings students, "technology" as the word also aware of the limited, i am unable to use some very difficult theory to elaborate technology xuanji, no right to work on their elders i can promise of the technology blueprint. but i am willing to use a student’s perspective to the imagine technology and the future.

from genetic engineering "is a live princes" dream, nano-technology "- not washing your clothing," promises; from artificial intelligence "will give you a cute robot dog" warm, transgenic technology "let people grow mouse ears" wonders. the new technology in the birth of a new technology that will let people wild with joy, because these new technologies is gradually improving our lives, let us learn more about ourselves. in the near term, china completed its first sars virus genome sequencing, sars is now the world’s largest recognized the dangers of the disease, but why not other countries completed first, and we just completed the countries? very simple, this illustrates that our country backward than others, worse than others, we look at the past, had just started a country’s reform and opening up to the current level of science and technology has lead a large country, our motherland experienced a number of ups and downs, how many difficulties and bumpy however, we still back all of the motherland, the motherland because we firmly believe that - not only technological change destiny, can change the future.

for our generation, the general feeling of the community is a strong sense of competition, learning a foot down. science knowledge is the focus of our attention, albert einstein, and stephen hawking, bill gates is the star we have in mind, computer science, physics and chemistry of modern dynamic is constantly affect us. we have to understand the importance of technology, know that the technology universal.

although technology to create a new life prospects soliciting thoughts, inspiring. however, the final analysis is that we rely on our common efforts to realize. , as the future construction of the backbone of our generation of young people shoulders the burden is not light, new opportunities are always accompanied risks and challenges, but we will not give up that easily, we use our youth to predecessors vowed: never live up to their predecessors of our hope.

looking back at the history of civilization, anderson is the history of mankind against the darkness of ignorance, is the scientific lit a fire in the raging human soul of hope; technology support civilization, science and technology to create the future, but the future is in our hands. let us become knowledge explorers, let us unknown roaming on the road, let me use our creativity to the world we live a better place.


在场的学生们,女士们,老师,大家好!我准备间隔云今天,为了纪念在这里题为“科技与未来”的讲话,我感到非常自豪的两个,但有些不安。近年来,我们已经看到我们伟大的祖国,事业的迅速发展,技术,请允许我向中国我感到非常自豪。请记住,很久以前,手机应用几乎只有一个,这是所谓的,但在几年前,手机发生了很大变化,不仅看起来更漂亮,而且还更多地使用,您可以使用手机拍照,会议上,互联网,短信等一系列的事情,我的生活更方便,所以我更多地了解的力量,技术,但我只是一个幼鸟学生, “技术”作为也知道这个词的有限,我无法使用一些非常困难的理论阐述技术xuanji ,没有权利对他们的长辈的工作我可以保证的技术蓝图。但我愿意利用学生的观点,以创新技术和未来。

从基因工程“是一个生活王子”的梦想,纳米技术“不洗你的衣服, ”承诺,从人工智能“会给你一个可爱的机器狗”热情,转基因技术“让人们增长鼠标耳朵”奇观。这项新技术的诞生,一种新技术,将让人们欣喜若狂,因为这些新技术正在逐步改善我们的生活,让我们更多地了解自己。在近期内,中国完成了其第一个sars病毒基因组测序, sars是目前世界上最大的承认危险的疾病,但我们为什么不把其他国家完成第一次,我们刚刚完成的国家?很简单,这说明我们的国家比其他国家落后,不如别人,我们回顾过去,刚刚开始了一个国家的改革开放和当前的科技水平已经导致一个大国,我们的祖国经历了一些的跌宕起伏,有多少困难和坎坷,但我们仍然回到所有的祖国,祖国,因为我们坚信, -不仅是技术变革的命运,可以改变未来。