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Honorable referees, distinguished contestants, ladies and gentlemen, good morning. I feel it a great honor to have this opportunity sharing my opinion of the Green Olympics with you.

In August ,2004, as the delegate of Chinese teenagers, I participated in the Olympic Youth Camp. From it, I learnt and got a lot.

In Athens, I was not only intoxicated on its long history and the deep humanity, but also impressed by the citizens' environmental awareness and shocked by the passion of the locals' for environmental protection.

With fewer metropolitan dins can be found in Athens, the streets are neat indeed, for you will see no wastes on the road there. Moreover, I seldom saw cleaners in Athens, which impressed me very strongly. Because what this phenomenon reflected is a kind of quality, character and also a sense of responsibility about the environment. Which means, keeping the city clean is not only a governmental behavior, but a habit in the daily life of every Athenian's.

I still remember the picture that, an old lady took great trouble to bent over for picking up a piece of newspaper and sent it into a dustbin. When I asked why she did such hard work with her age.: "Why not? " she said, just so simple. Up to now, this picture still clearly exists in my mind for its embodied environmental consciousness and a national spirit.

Throughout the days in Athens, there were a series of educational activities about environment. In those items, we were working in groups discussing environmental problems of different aspects and also seeking the solutions. In addition, the items consisted of speeches of officers' of local NGOs and the children's paintings exhibition as well. At the end of the activity, having reached common understanding, each of us has submitted suggestions and measures dealing with the promotion of the implement of sustainable development. I have to say, this series of activities really benefited me a great deal.

Therefore, I have thought of Beijing, thought of the year2008.

"Green Olympics" is one of three major ideas of running the 2008 Olympic Games. The main intension of this creed is to prepare and host Olympic Games under the guidance of sustainable development. And at the same time, try hard to improve the environmental quality of the capital.

Actualy in Beijing today. the sandstorm is coming rare and rare, and the greenery area is keeping increasing year by year. No one can deny that these changes are the result of all the Beijingers' efforts. It obviously states that through the application and the preparation for 2008, the Beijingers' environmental awareness has been strengthened greatly. But as the case stands, we still have a long way to go.

As a middle school student of a new era, we should take part in environmental protection and the implement of sustainable development more widely and extensively. Indeed, environmental protection should start from dribs and drabs, but it is not enough only to stay on the surface. We have to realize today's environmental problems more objectively and deeply .and we have to find out the obstruction and the danger we are facing. Further more, only by considering the environmental problem as the point of sustainable development and globalization, shall we be able to arouse our consciousness and enthusiasm. I firmly believe that we will make the world a better place.

And now, I have a dream.

I have a dream that one day the earth will be free from contaminations;I have a dream that one day the nature and the human beings will coexist harmoniously and naturally; I have a dream that one day the blue sky and the verdure will always surround us; and I have a dream that one day the green will become eternity.

So, friends, let us join our hands and work together, meet in a green Beijing, meet in 2008.

绿色北京 绿色奥运