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I am the part of the Green Olympics

Beijing NO.80 High School

-----Xia Weiyi

Ladies and gentlemen:

good morning!

Today, my speech is "I am the part of the Green Olympics".

"Green Olympics" is one of the Three Themes of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Therefore the Beijing government had made a great effort in order to protect the environment, build more "Green project", keep the ecological balance, push the recycling economy, and protect the water resource. But if only the government take the action to realize the Green Olympics in 2008, it's not enough. As a Beijing high school student, we should play an active role in the actions aimed at the realization of Green Olympics. So we should start it from ourselves, our family, our friends and other people around us.

In 2001, in the Moscow world trade center, when the former chairman of the International Olympic Committee, Samaranch had said: "Beijing, China!" As a Beijing citizen, as a Chinese, I had a great joy for my city, for my home country from the bottom of my heart! But after the excitement that Beijing had been succeed in the race to host the Olympic Game in 2008. I started to worry about the dusty air, the sandstorm, the polluted rivers and lakes; the streets without any green and whether we could successfully host the Olympic Games in 2008.

Four years later, today, we can see 229 day blue sky in one year, we can hardly catch a glimpse of the sandstorm, groups of wild duck comes back to Shishahai Lake in the spring, and all the streets are dressed in green. All these make me deeply believe that Beijing will surely succeed in 2008! And all these achievements are not only the result that made by the Beijing government, but also by the 14 millions Beijing citizens. As one of the 14 millions normal citizens, I am also adding my contribution to our Green Olympic!

I used to have a habit, which is to take two longtime showers every day. It was a big waste of water. One day, I saw a piece of news in Beijing Daily that about the lack of the Beijing water resource. It's said every year Beijing use up about 3.7 billions cubic meter of water. But Miyun reservoir only contains 0.77 billions cubic meter of water, and Guanting reservoir only contains 0.19 billion cubic meter of water. This shows we are really short of water now! After reading this news, I start to change my habit, and only take one quick shower each day. I have calculated that if everyone economizes one cubic meter of water during they are taking the shower in a month; the Beijing citizens will economize 14 million cubic meter of water in only one month! In 2004, as the Beijing Irrigation Apartment reported that since 2001 Beijing has succeeded in the application of hosting the Olympic game in 2008. Beijing government had started 26 programs in order to economize the water resource. After 3 years doing this, these programs have saved 0.437 billions cubic meter of water. It's as big as a four-sized Huairou reservoir! And now, in my daily life, in my family, we always think about protecting the environment and saving the resource whenever we doing what. The batteries, the aged newspapers, the empty glass bottles and all the recyclable garbage, we will classify them then put them in different trash cans; we make the most use of the nature light and shut off the electrical light conveniently; and when we shopping, we will bring a nylon bag with us instead of plastic bags; during the feast, I do not send any card in order to protect the forest resource; after washing the clothes, we won't dump the used water but use it to flash the toilet… All in all, we should start from every little thing around us to truly realize the "Green Olympic".

I still remember clearly that in the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, when Liu Xiang stood up on the award platform, he was wearing a coronet, which made by olive branch. Does this green olive branch stand for the "Green Olympic"? Olive branch is the symbol of peace, and the Olympic Game is the carrier of the "peace". We should not just simply think, "No war is the meaning of peace". "Nature and human beings living in harmony" is also the root meaning of "peace". "Save the resource, protect the environment", this kind action of pursuing "Nature and human beings living in harmony", is the way that shows the core of the Olympian spirit. So we say, peace is the spirit of Olympic, Olympic is the carrier of peace, and "Green Olympic" means that we are standing in a higher platform to seek the peace.

So the "Green Olympic" should be started from every little things in our daily life, start form me, from the people that around me. Express the spirit of Olympic, publicize the theme of "Green Olympic", and let Beijing really reaches the "Green Olympic" in 2008. This is the responsibility of anyone who loves peace. And it is also the responsibility of our Beijing high school students!

Thank you!

September 11, 2005, in Beijing







2001年,当前国际奥委会主席萨马兰奇在莫斯科高声宣读:"Beijing, China"的时候,作为一个北京人,一个中国人,我发自心底的为我们的祖国,我们的首都感到高兴。但在高兴之余,那灰蒙蒙的天空,那漫天的沙尘暴,那污绿的护城河,那见不到一丝绿色的街道,又使我深为北京能否在2008年成功办好奥运而感到担心。