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The speech about lenovo

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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening.

Today, you and all our colleagues around the world are making history.

The new Lenovo has become the worlds third largest pC company. And this makes us the 5th largest IT company in the world. And the largest IT company in China. In fact, the new Lenovo ranks among one of the largest 200 companies of any type in the world.

In a very important Asia market...we are the pC market leader, both profitable, and with more market share than any other company in Asia according to IDC.

We are the ONLY company who manufactures our own notebooks -- with 95% of our Thinkpads built by our own plants -- under the Lenovo flag.

Im very proud of what youve accomplished. Congratulations.

Today I want to thank you for the tremendous hard work that has made us -- the new Lenovo -- an independent company -- a close partner with our parent IBM, and now completely united with our other parent -- Lenovo.

And speaking of Lenovo and the leaders that created this opportunity -- I want to thank my friend and our new chairman, Yuanqing Yang. Yuanging Id like you to share your thoughts on this very special day...

Now let’s discuss who we are to become -- our aspirations as a company -- and our 3-phase plan to achieve these aspirations. To become all that we can be.

First: Satisfying our customers

Lenovo will deliver the highest customer satisfaction to both businesses and individuals.

Second: Shareholder value

Lenovo will be the company people want to invest in by leading our industry in shareholder returns over the next 2, 5, and 10 years.

Third: Financial targets

Lenovo will double our profit within 3 years, and grow revenue faster than our industry.

Fourth: Market position

Lenovo is committed to improve our market position every year by applying long term investments where we can become #1 or #2 in share or profit, depending on the market.

Fifth: Is my aspirations for each of us, the people who chose to work at Lenovo.

We at Lenovo will create an inspiring culture of ethics, performance, teamwork and professional development.

Some of these might appear to be big aspirations. I want you to know that we’re committed to them, and that while I expect progress every day, every week, these aspirations will take years to fully achieve.

Now to get this done we have a broad 3-phase plan. phase one began on December 8th, and will continue well into the beginning of 2006.

Our second phase has also begun. And each project in phase 2 will be at least 12 to 24 months in length.

Our third phase will launch when we stand before the world as the IT sponsor of the Olympics in February of 2006.

So let me speak about phase one:

Deliver on the promise of Lenovo and on our commitments.

By this I mean we must delight our current customers and retain their business. We must maintain product leadership, sales momentum and market share. We must ensure effective business operations, and positively introduce the position of new Lenovo and of our brands. And very importantly, develop our employees and reward excellence and performance.

So thats phase one.

Execute and hug those that are important to us: our customers, our business partners, our suppliers, and our employees.

In phase two we increase our competitiveness through operational excellence, innovation, and branding.

We must continue our focus on operational excellence, speed and efficiency, increase our Think brand equity and grow Lenovo into a worldwide brand. We must build a global innovation and performance culture and reputation.

During this phase we will initiate targeted investments in new products and in new markets.

And then we are ready for the third phase: To drive aggressive, profitable growth.

To do this we will invest to lead in selected market segments.

In each of these three phases we will build on these areas of competitive advantage. This starts with:

§ Our obsession with understanding our customers,

§ Our brands--especially Think and Lenovo.

§ Our innovation in products, services and software,

§ Our operational excellence and efficiency.

§ Our leading position in China and Asia.

§ Our partnership with IBM in services, financing and sales.

§ Finally, and perhaps most importantly…the dedication and skills of our people.

Finally, I want to wrap up by speaking about the values of Lenovo. Those of us who came from IBM created "new" values only 18 months ago -- as part of a ‘Values Jam’ that all IBM employees participated in. Our Lenovo colleagues have been guided for the last several years by four key values. Its no coincidence that the values Lenovo has worked by are so similar to the values held by pCD.

First: Serving customers

We are dedicated to the satisfaction and success of every customer.

Second: Innovative and entrepreneurial spirit

This means innovation that matters to our customers and our company created and delivered with speed and efficiency.

Third: Accuracy and truth-seeking

This means we manage our business and make decisions based on carefully understood facts.

And Fourth: Trustworthiness and integrity

Meaning trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.

Ive seen first hand what each you expect of yourselves and what you can do. Its nothing short of amazing.

We have before us an extraordinary opportunity to make a difference for our customers and to succeed at this exciting new venture.

So thats it... a short list of difficult but achievable aspirations.

A 3-phase plan of how well go from a new company to one that uses its competitiveness to aggressively grow.

And four clear values punctuated with the word integrity that will guide our decisions and our behavior.

This is our opportunity and our time. Lets go make the most of it.

Thank you and congratulations.





我们是全球唯一自主生产笔记本电脑的公司 – 95%的Thinkpad笔记本电脑是在联想旗下的工厂生产的。



























§ 孜孜以求地了解我们的客户

§ 我们的品牌- 特别是Think和联想品牌

§ 我们在产品、服务及软件上的创新

§ 我们卓越高效的运作

§ 我们在中国及亚洲的领导地位

§ 我们同IBM在服务、融资及销售领域的合作

§ 最后,也是最重要的,我们敬业、出色的员工