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Mr. president, Ladies and Gentlemen,Good afternoon!Before I introduce our cultural programs, I want to tell you one thing first about 2008. You're going to have a great time in Beijing.China has its own sport legends. Back to Song Dynasty, about the 11th century, people started to play a game called Cuju, which is regarded as the origin of ancient football. The game was very popular and women were also participating. Now, you will understand why our women football team is so good today.There are a lot more wonderful and exciting things waiting for you in New Beijing, a dynamic modern metropolis with 3,000 years of cultural treasures woven into the urban tapestry. Along with the iconic imagery of the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall, the city offers an endless mixture of theatres, museums, discos, all kinds of restaurants and shopping malls that will amaze and delight you. But beyond that, it is a place of millions of friendly people who love to meet people from around the world. people of Beijing believe that the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing will help to enhance the harmony between our culture and the diverse cultures of the world. Their gratitude will pour out in open expressions of affection for you and the great Movement that you guide. Within our cultural programs, education and communication will receive the highest priority. We seek to create an intellectual and sporting legacy by broadening the understanding of the Olympic Ideals throughout the country. Cultural events will unfold each year, from 2005 to 2008. We will stage multi-disciplined cultural programs, such as concerts, exhibitions, art competitions and camps which will involve young people from around the world. During the Olympics, they will be staged in the Olympic Village and the city for the benefit of the athletes. Our Ceremonies will give China's greatest-and the world's greatest artists a stage for celebrating the common aspirations of humanity and the unique heritage of our culture and the Olympic Movement. With a concept inspired by the famed Silk Road, our Torch Relay will break new ground, traveling from Olympia through some of the oldest civilizations known to man-Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Byzantine, Mesopotamian, persian, Arabian, Indian and Chinese. Carrying the message "Share the peace, Share the Olympics," the eternal flame will reach new heights as it crosses the Himalayas over the world's highest summit - Mount Qomolangma, which is known to many of you as Mt. Everest. In China, the flame will pass through Tibet, cross the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers, travel the Great Wall and visit Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and the 56 ethnic communities who make up our society. On its journey, the flame will be seen by and inspire more human beings than any previous relay. I am afraid I can not present the whole picture of our cultural programs within such a short period of time. Before I end, let me share with you one story. Seven hundred years ago, amazed by his incredible deions of a far away land of great beauty.d by his incredible deio whether his stories about China were true.He answered: What I have told you was not even half of what I saw. Actually, what we have shown you here today is only a fraction of Beijing that awaits you. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that Beijing will prove to be a land of wonders to athletes, spectators and the worldwide television audience alike. Come and join us.Thank you, Mr. president. Thank you all.

杨澜:主席先生,女士们,先生们,下午好!在向各位介绍我们的安排之前,我想先告诉大家,你们2008年将在北京渡过愉快的时光。北京是一座充满活力的现代都市,三千年的历史文化与都市的繁荣相呼应,除了紫禁城、天坛和万里长城这几个标志性的建筑,北京拥有无数的戏院、博物馆,各种各样的餐厅和歌舞场所,这一切的一切都会令您感到惊奇和高兴。我相信在座的许多人都曾为李安的奥斯卡获奖影片《卧虎藏龙》所吸引,这仅仅是我们文化的一小部分,还有众多的文化宝藏等待着你们去挖掘。除此之外,北京城里还有千千万万友善的人民,热爱与世界各地的人民相处,无论是过去还是现在,北京历来是各个民族和各种文化的汇集地,北京人民相信,在北京举办2008年奥运会,将推动我们文化和全世界文化的交流。在我们的计划当中,教育和交流将是我们的希望,我们期待在全国尤其是数百万青少年中,留下一笔精神财富。从2005年到2008年我们每年定期举办文化活动,我们将开展多元文化活动,举办世界青少年和表演家参加的音乐会,这些文化活动同时在奥运村和全市范围内展开,以方便运动员的参加。我们的开闭幕式,将是展现中国杰出作家、导演和作曲家的舞台,讴歌人类的共同理想,以及我们独特的奥林匹克运动。基于丝绸之路带来的灵感,我们的火炬接力,将途经希腊、埃及、罗马、美索布达米亚,波斯、印度和中国,以共享和平、共享奥运为主题,“奥运”这一永恒不惜的火炬,将跨越世界最高峰——珠穆朗玛峰,从而达到最高的高度,中国的奥运圣活将通过西藏,穿过长江和黄河,踏上长城,途经香港、澳门、台湾,在组成我们国家的56个民族中传递。通过这样的路线,我们保证目睹这次火炬接力的人们,会比任何一次都多。 700年前,马可波罗曾对中国的美丽有过惊奇的描述。有人问马可波罗,你的有关中国的描述是真的吗?他说,我只不过将我所见到的跟你们描述了一半而已。女士们,先生们,我相信北京和中国将向运动员、观众和全世界的电视观众证明,这是一块神奇的土地。谢谢主席先生,谢谢大家!