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奥运英语演讲稿:灿烂未来 绿色希望

时间:2016-08-18 17:07:40 来源:中国英语作文网

Green-colored sunshine shining though soft leaves, all the green days in the growth rings’ telling legend to the future and the past. These green hopes in the Olympic rings are just like warm hugs and brilliant haloes under the blue sky of Beijing. As the 29th Olympic Game which is held in Beijing is coming up soon, every citizen in our city is a messenger of green Olympic, we love our city and care more and more about our environment. In those lovely smiling face, I’m touched deeply for all the efforts we make. I can see the grassland is greener; the blue sky is beautiful and clean, and every little tree is growing happily in warm and gentle breeze. This is my hometown, this is beautiful Beijing, and there place the Green Olympic hopes on.

Thinking about a few years ago, when I saw the taxonomic dustbin in our community for the first time, the Green Olympic made no difference in my mind. I just regarded it as an interesting way to sort garbage. But when a few days later I raised my hands high up and was eager to be a member of "the Communist Youth League’s EpD group", I told myself firmly, "It’s a great way to make contribution to the 2008’s Beijing." Maybe this is why I have that much passion on this great action. In the following months, we have activities such as picking up all the plastic things which are surrounded our school together with our teacher. We were all very excited about this meaningful thing. We also set up special dustbins for used batteries, so that we can both pollute less and recycle more. When seeing all the plastics and the batteries were carried on the truck which was going to the recycle factory to handle these things, we were all very happy about it. Everyone forgot all the hardness. To let the dream of" Green Beijing" come true, all of us should give a hand. "I’ve do something great for you Beijing," What a great sentence!

And at the same time, the actions of protecting the environment are going on, too. My father changed all the taps in my family into saving-water ones, and all the water we use are recycled for at least 2 or 3 times. I always can hear this ad on CRI, it says, "5 million children died each year, just for the drinking water." So, help us to make the world safer. Although my actions are rather small, but I think with all of you guys help, there will be a strong power.

The color green gives the Olympic Game a deeper meaning, green is in flowers, grasslands and in trees; Green is in the sky, in the earth and in the sunshine. But to my opinion, green’s also in our minds, in our smiles and in the great love.

Once in an activity which was to plant trees for the community, every planter got a card to hang out on the tree with writing a few meaningful words. Do you know I have written what? That is:

"Happy growing!"

"Happy growing!" To every little tree in our green dreams.

"Happy growing!" To The changing Beijing!

"Happy growing!" To The green Olympics bud in every citizen’s heart! It’ll turn out sweet 3 years later in 2008!

灿烂未来 绿色希望