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We all come to the world, but why do some of us make great achievements known forever and why are they remembered forever even though they leave the world? And why do some leave the world without anything valuable to his generation and the people? Every one of us will hope to have a significant and valuable life. But what kind of life is both significant and valuable? Answers to the questions are …… "If you cherish your value of your own life, you will create something valuable for the world." Johann Goth said. "The life value should be judged from his contribution rather than his profession." Einstein said. Lei Feng, a communist soldier, said, "one lives to make others a more beautiful life." As we all know, Marx is an outstanding and great man. He founded his brilliant and scientific theory of communism. The theory guides the ways for the human being's liberation. Marx said, "If we can elect one suitable profession, we won't be demoralized with its pressure, because we make sacrifice for human beings. Only by this way will we not be addicted to the joy of narrow-minded and individualism. Our happiness belongs to thousands upon thousands of people. I see, although it may be unknown, our cause will never be forgot forever. Even when we depart to God, the kind people will tear down upon our ashes." When he said these words, he was only 17 years old. He meant his word with his deeds in his late lifetime period. After his death, on his 100-birthday anniversary, the proletarian and the revolutionary people of the whole world still cherish the memory of Marx and mourn him respectively. It is his distinguishingable contribution to the mankind that his life is that significant. It is his great devotion to the human being that his life value is beyond measure. We also know that Lu Xun is a man of great. Without his nobility "Fierce-browed, I wooly defy a thousand point fingers, head bowed like a willing ox I serve the children", and without his spirit of his loyalty and devotion to the last for the bright future of the Chinese people, his life would not have been so significant and so great. Actually, didn't those regarded as essence of human who live forever in the hearts of people make great contributions to the cause of the people? Wouldn't the people remember those whose great achievements for human are recorded in history? We know for certain that not every of us will be a second Marx or Lu Xun. However, a person of noble aspirations will do solid work. Struggle continuously and effortless. He will try to make his greatest contribution in his shortest time. He will try what he can to bring benefit to the people in his lifetime. We'd say it is impossible for one to live alone if he isolates society and people. If he hopes to make a benefit life, he will bring benefit and make contribution to people. As a socialist youth, he will devote his life to the cause of communism in order to make a benefit life. Moreover, we say that a value of life will be only in direct proportion to achievement and contribution he makes to our society. In our real life, we can see many revolutionary martyrs die young for the people. Don't you think they cherish the life? Yes. They do. They are sentimentally attached to life; they are full of hope and desire. But they confront the death bravely and resolutely in order to make many more people live. Their brilliant status will be living in the hearts of people. They die glorious and great. The life of those who die busy about his lifetime without any achievements can not be compared with their life. In our real life, we have many cases like those. Life is endless and tackling key problems will be continuous. Let's take these as examples. Mr. Jing Zhuying worked for the Chinese science causes to the last of his life. Mr. Zhang Hua sacrificed his own young life for the sake of others, which set a good example of the communist. Mr. An Ke died for fulfillment for the duty as a citizen. Ms Zhang Haiti, compared to be paul of our time, worked very hard and faced frustrations of her life, though she was disabled. She still continues to live on bravely. All these are the strong of their life. Their value of life is precious. My fellow students, don't you say what a beautiful life they have? Beethoven once said; "I must learn to control my life which will never make me give myself up. Oh, If only I can live more than thousands times!" paul Cocking also had a golden saying, "Life is but one." I think every youth of us keep this in our minds. let's turn it into reality with our deeds. Let's not be a man full of promises but without any deeds, like Lusting, one of the characters by Dougeshefol. My fellow students, let's not wander. Let's not hesitate. Only lament and vexation does not mean consideration and exploration. Only lament and vexation does not mean advancing and does not mean mature at all. Let's not kill our lifetime by playing cards. Let's not waste our youth by drinking. Let's not destroy our will without any achievements. Let's make great contribution to human. And only by these can we create benefit life. Every one will have to die and every body will be rotten. But every one may make achievements and contributions. We hate being rotten. Let's brighten up! Up! And up!



爱因斯坦说:"一个人的价值,应当看他贡献什么,而不是看他得到什么。"   共产主义战士雷锋说:"自己活着,就是为了让别人过得更美好。"