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The Green Olympics Are Not a Dream

Good morning ,Ladies and Gentlemen. Today I′m very happy to be here to share with you some of my thoughts on the topic of the Green Olympics

女士们 先生们 :大家早上好!今天我很高兴在这儿和大家一起畅谈我们的绿色奥运。

It′s said that the Green Olympics are a dream that can′t come true .Look at the circumstance around us . No .I believe the circumstance can be created by ourselves .The dream of the Green Olympics will do come true by our efforts . The Green Olympics are not a dream any more .

有人说,绿色奥运是我们的梦想,不会成为现实。瞧我们周围的环境。不, 我相信,环境是我们大家共同营造的,经过我们的努力,梦想会成为现实,绿色奥运不是梦

Everyone has a lot of nice dreams.。It is a common wish that we can live in comforting environment . For the Chinese, September 23,1993 is a regretful and unforgettable day . It was because of environmental problems that Beijing failed to sponsor the Olympic Games of 2000,which is a big regret for every Chinese .We successfully bid for the qualification for the 2008 Olympics after we solve the problem of environment .How can we sponsor the Olympics ? First of all ,we should do from trifles to create a beautiful environment so that we can truly carry out the Green Olympics.


Water is the source of life; electricity is the necessity of our living .Each lawn can cheer up our heart and soul .Every animal is a creature in the nature . Are you sure that you save a drip of water in your daily life ? It is reported that the water resource per capita in Beijing is less than 300 cube meters, representing one eighth of the per capita level of China and one thirtieth of the world per capita level. Even worse, the underground water in some regions is absolutely undrinkable. Water pollution and water shortage have hindered Beijing's development seriously. The saying of "Don't make the last drop water be human's own tear" is by no means a deliberately exaggeration so as to create a sensation. If I was an environment protection worker, I would enact the law of environment protect strictly and check the pollution with all my perseverance. If I was a sewage treatment engineer, I would develop the most advanced sewage treatment equipment in the world that can be used to filter all the sewage into clean water. A pot of water can be used three or four times in my family . First , I use the fresh water to wash rice and then use it to wash my face .It′s reported that it is a good way to beautify my face . At last ,I use this water which is a kind of good fertilization to irrigate flowers .As a student in DianYe Middle School,we not only protect the water but also research the vegetation around us. Last summer holiday, with the teachers'help,we had a survey about the vegetation in ShiDu .We found fifty-eight species of plants were near extinction. It's a so large number! We reported it to the government and gave them three kinds of reasonable advices at once. Are you sure that you turn off the light when it is unnecessary whether you are at school 、 at factory or at home ? When you want to spit in public places , do you think of the SARS in 2003 ? When you walk in the park and see the colorful flowers , do you pick them off and arrogate to yourself ? When you walk through the school porch , do you draw everywhere ? When you walk into restaurants and see all kinds of creatures become so-called delicious dishes of human beings, does the dreadful scene make your heart and soul tremble? After all, they are all the living things just like our human beings! The comfortable environment around us needs to be created by every one of us!

水是生命之源,电是生活必需。每一片绿地都能愉悦我们的身心,每一个小动物都是自然环境中的小生命。在你每天的生活中,你节约一滴水,一度电了吗?据说北京人均水资源不足300立方米,为全国人均的1/8,世界人均的1/30,不少地区的地下水已经无法饮用,水污染和水短缺严重影响着北京的发展."不要让人类看到的最后一滴水是我们自己的眼泪"已经不再耸人听闻。如果我是个环保工作者,我一定严格执行环保法,锲而不舍地治理污染。如果我是个污水处理工,我一定要研制出世界上最先进的污水处理设备,使所有的污水都经过这套机器的过滤,在我家里,一盆水可以用3--4次,先是用清水淘米,再用淘米水洗脸,听说这种洗法还可以美容呢。这样不是一举两得吗?最后用它来浇花,这可是很好的肥料啊!作为电业中学的学生,我们不仅保护水,而且研究周围的植被,暑假里在老师带领下,在房山区十渡进行了为期一周的实地考察,我们不仅写出了调查报告,总结归纳出十渡植被中58种即将灭绝的植物,多么大的数字啊。我们立即向当地政府提出了三条改进生态环境的合理化建议。在学校,在工厂,在家里,在你不需要电的时候,你注意随手关灯了吗?当你感冒咳嗽吐痰的时候,你是否想过2003年那可怕的SARS?你是否想过周围美好的环境?当你看到公园里或路边上盛开的五颜六色的鲜花时,你是否随手摘下据为己有?当你信步美丽的校园走廊,你是否随心所欲的留下了你的笔迹、你的手印? 当你走进餐馆,看到许多飞禽走兽成了人类所谓的美味佳肴,这可怕的一幕是否让你的心灵为之颤抖?他们也和人一样是有生命的啊……!环境就在我身边,绿色奥运需要我们去创造。

My friends , join us! Devote yourself to the protection of our environment . Try to make our sky bluer, our ground greener and our water cleaner. The 2008 Green Olympic will become reality. I'm sure we Chinese will be proud of it ! In addition, this is the responsibility of every Chinese .Thank you !